The Swift Products Guides

A 1 page Guide outlines the best way to use Swift Grow, Swift Fort and Swift Life.

Each guide explains the dilution, frequency and coverage
so that you can achieve optimal results with each application.

All three products can be applied together or separately depending on your plant’s needs.

Watch 1min Video Joseph Explaining How to Use Swift Grow in a Watering Can


The high concentration of nitrogen in dog pee is what kills the lawn. It also kills all natural living bacteria in the soil.

A combined Swift team effort from Swift Grow (restores the soil microbiota), Swift Fort (feeds the microbiota and kills any pests) and Swift Life (neutralises toxins and boosts the microbiota numbers) will help restore your dog-damaged lawn. This Swift package is on special here.

Before you start, please securely partition the urine-burned lawn into two sections, treating the partitioned section till it recovers (typically up to 4 weeks) then rotate the dogs into it while you treat the other partition.

Directions of Use per 10 sqm:

  1. Shake all three bottles before mixing. Have a clean 9L watering can on hand.
  2. From the Swift Grow bottle add of 80ml (or 4 capfuls) to the watering can
  3. From the Swift Life bottle add 20ml to the same watering can.
  4. From the Swift Fort bottle add 20ml to the same watering can.
  5. Top up the same 9L watering can with water and spray directly and evenly to the lawn covering 10 sqm.
  6. Repeat the application weekly for 4 consecutive weeks or till you start to observe emerging plant life, then reduce frequency to match the growth you desire.

Swift Grow is being successfully and extensively used by many hydroponics customers, with outstanding results.

Swift Grow is very effective in Hydroponics systems for vegetables and fruit.

We have quite a few Hydroponics customers around Australia, which we can put you in touch with if you wish.

We have conducted trials with Sydney Uni showing 100% hydroponics seed to seedling conversion.

The basic usage steps of Swift Grow in hydroponics:

  1. Determine the optimal PH of your vegetables
  2. Using a PH meter in your holding tank, slowly add Swift Grow till the optimal PH is reached.
  3. Daily check the PH of your water and add Swift Grow to lower the PH or replace tank water with new/neutral water to raise the PH in order to maintain optimal PH.
    NOTE: EC reading is not relevant for Swift Grow. 

Most nematode species have a beneficial role in the soil, but a few are pest species that feed on plant roots and damage roots directly or make them more susceptible to fungal diseases. In the absence of which nematodes you are referring to and assuming you are experiencing the nematodes that are feeding on your plant roots, then I would suggest applying one or two doses of Swift Fort directly to the moist soil where the nematodes are known to operate, so the content of Swift Fort reaches their location, else dig away the soil before apply Swift Fort. High dose of Swift Fort:

100 – 200 mml of Swift Fort in a 9L watering can, mix well and spray over a 10 sqm area
Repeat if required.

I suggest using Swift FORT to help kill the leaf miners pests infesting your lemon tree/s leaves:
If you have a clean and empty 750ml or 1000ml hand held spray bottle, add a tablespoon of Swift Fort to the bottle (or two tablespoons if a heavy infestation), top up with water and shake well. 
Then spray the lemon tree leaves daily or every second day for a week or till the leaves start to clean up. 
Maintain spray thereafter every second week. 

Dieback is an emerging problem due to depleted soil microbial life.
Swift Life was created to treat Dieback.
We have useful information and usage instructions on reversing Dieback here.

Bindis and weeds thrive when grass is bare (has patches), depleted of nutrients and/or is consistently cut low. The reverse is true.

The best natural way to beat bindis is to restore the grass/lawn to full health by restoring the micro-organisms in the soil with Swift Grow which will promote healthy and lush lawn growth. Then you’ll find bindis will be out-competed by the lawn and the bindi seeds will go dormant and stay that way as long as you don’t cut the lawn too low and draught the soil.

These are the steps to take:

  1. First four applications use 3 litres of Swift Grow per acre, two weeks between applications on moist soil. Reduce to 500ml per acre thereafter every 4 weeks or so.
  2. Allow the lawn to grow to choke out the bindis.
  3. Mow the lawn at maximum mower height then gradually lower with each mow but do not expose the soil.

No. The fertiliser is made of living micro-organisms that naturally live in the soil. Chemical fertilisers, on the other hand, will leach into the soil and into the waterways and oceans causing environmental issues that are frequently reported in the news. 

No. Swift Grow will not burn the new lawn as it does not contain concentrated chemicals, rather natural live active bacteria. Noting not to exceed the recommended dosage range in the user guide.

24-48hours. As soon as you dilute Swift Grow you activate the bacteria out of its suspended state. The viability will decay exponentially over 48 hours, so best to apply to the soil immediately after diluting. 

It is recommended to wear gloves and eye protection. If contact is made with the skin or eyes, then immediately wash with running water. 

The typical NPK ratio is as shown on the bottle label, however the bacteria in Swift Grow will detect N stresses in the soil and dynamically produce Nitrates from Nitrogen in the air to meet the need of the lemon trees. Swift Grow dynamically detects and produces what any host plant needs in the soil, just like nature has always done. 

No, we don’t currently deliver outside of Australia. Please see our International Distributors for overseas orders.

Yes you can, noting about 20% of nutrients are absorbed via the foliage and the rest via the roots. 

Yes, Swift Grow is suitable for both alkaline and acidic soils as long as you apply within the recommended dosage range. We encourage experimenting with your unique soil by increasing the weekly dosage from the minimum and waiting and observing the plant response and modifying accordingly. 

Yes it will be safe. Swift Grow is a natural disinfectant to pathogens if it comes in contact with produce in the garden. Always wash your produce before consuming. 

No if you fertilise within the recommended dosage range. Do not apply Swift Grow concentrate from the bottle directly on to your garden. 

We have undergone thorough inspections by Australian Certified Organics (ACO) that the feed, the fish farming circulatory system and the fertiliser manufacturing process meet their ACO standards and have been successfully granted certification and listed on ACO website as certification number 13128 for the following categories:
     – Input for Organic Gardens
     – Input for Organic Production
     – Certified Allowed Input 

In comparison to other organic fertilisers (composed of kelp, Seaweed, chicken manure, cattle manure or Fish emulsion) contain a much smaller count of beneficial bacteria forming cultures, and they being sourced from commercial sources are laced with heavy metals and toxins. Swift Grow is a unique fertiliser super-rich in Lactobacillus bacteria and probiotics, found in fertile soil, with 2.4million culture forming units per litre and is derived purely from fish manure which are farmed sustainably at land-based farm in Riverstone NSW and lab-tested to be free from all heavy metals toxins as it is certified organic and endorsed by the NSW Dept of Primary Industries. 

The short answer is “yes”.

The more detailed answer is Swift Grow has a natural probiotic that boosts the natural immunity of all plants. You’ll find over time in applying Swift Grow the powdery mildew and fungal growth will decrease and eventually disappear. Further, to accelerate the immunity of your plants we recommend you increase the Swift Grow dosage by three times the minimum recommended dosage amount as you dilute it in water. When you eventually see the mildew start to decrease and disappear over repeat application in time, then you can reduce back to the minimum dosage.

Note: The increased dosage will not burn the roots or harm the plant’s foliage, as you are only increasing the bacteria count/activity in the soil, which is what your plants need to boost their immunity. 

Being your first application, apply the fertiliser, wait and assess the plant response and then decide on the next dosage.

Dosage: Minimum 1 liter per acre using drip irrigation of 300L of water with PH 6.0 to 6.5.

Frequency: Every 2 or 3 weeks.

Assess: Ten days after each application observe the change in the tree growth and determine to maintain, increase or decrease the dosage. If Growth is increasing rapidly then maintain the dosage till growth slows down then reduce to minimum.

If needed, you can call us ten days after the first application so we can help you decide on the next dosage.

The answer is a definite “yes”.
Swift Grow will power up your soil’s natural friendly microorganisms so your newly seeded area roars into life quickly, more densely and vigorously.

For your 10 sqm ares pour 100ml of Swift Grow into a standard 9L watering can, top up with water and spray evenly. Repeat every third day till the grass gets established, then after that reduce to 50ml Swift Grow every second week whilst keeping the soil moist.

You can use a sprayer bottle such as an 1L empty and clean Weed n Feed container or you can obtain our Swift Plug’n’Spray for larger areas – at min ratio of 100ml of Swift Grow (for soil needing a little help) to a max ratio of 500m (for soil with a history of toxins).  Top up the 1L bottle with water and attach to your hose and spray. That should cover 200sqm. Repeat weekly till you see the improvements you are looking for.

As you are applying natural living microorganisms (and not harsh chemicals) don’t be afraid to experiment with different dosages to get the required results.

Each soil has its unique history of toxicity that affects the friendly microorganisms in Swift Grow, so we give an application dosage RANGE.

For a 1000L holding tank, the suggested dosage ranges are (that typically should cover 1 hectare or 2.5 acres):

Swift Grow (organic fertiliser) 1 to 5 litres.

Swift Fort  (organic pest repellent) 0.5 to 3 litres.

Swift Life (organic soil inoculant) 0.1 to 1 litre.

Top up the holding tank with water. Swift Fort and Swift Life (if using) can be mixed in the same tank at the same time with Swit Grow. We suggest starting with the upper dosage range for the first 3 weekly applications, observing the response of your lawn after each application for increased growth rate, deeper green colour, and higher density (and bare patches being filled in with new lawn runners).

When you have achieved the lawn characteristics that you desire, then reduce the dosage and frequency to the lower range to maintain that law state.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different dosages (within the recommended range) and frequencies. Unlike chemical fertilisers that can burn the lawn roots or foliage, Swift product range do not burn your lawn at any dosage.

This mixture is equally applicable to gardens and farms.

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