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    Winter DIRT Deal

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    Now it’s time to get the DIRT on Swift Grow, that’s right, what does Swift Grow do to your soil, your DIRT in winter.

    During autumn and winter, nothing is happening above the ground, your plants go into a dormant phase. BUT below the ground a big Swift Grow party is happening in your dirt. Imagine billions of micronutrients creating a healthy happy soil with plenty of worm activity.

    All the micronutrients are growing daily, weekly and multiplying, taking what was a clay, infertile soil into a living microbiome city of healthy soil.

    The results are healthy, happy, strong soils with plenty of worm activity.

    If you jump online now, you can get the Winter DIRT Deals.

    Buy two one litre bottles of Swift Grow and get the third FREE, a $40 saving! And FREE Delivery it to your door anywhere in Australia.

    Swift Grow – it’s not what’s above the ground, its what’s below the ground that counts.

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