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Lynnwood Gold Course

Hear from Matt Bailey of Lynwood Country Club

Read the full article on how Swift Grow helped them drastically cut water usage while improving grass quality.

Green Gallery

Hear from Jeremey Critchley of Green Gallery

Read the full article: The Green Gallery Nursery – Scientifically Controlled Trial

Greg Meyer
Former President Permaculture

Hear from Greg Meyer the Former President Permaculture

Sheppard’s Wholesale Nurseries

Hear from Sheppard’s Wholesale Olives Nurseries

Random Radio Caller

Hear Ben talk about his “unbelievable” experience when his horticulturist mum used Swift Grow on roses, petunias and even dead azaleas come back to life

In the Media

We have video, audio and print recommendations from people including Greg Meyer, Former Permaculture president.