Strength in Collaborative Research


Planetary wide research initiative to assess the observed dramatic positive impact of Swift Grow on the soil biological structure, plant metabolism, crop nutrients, crop yield, hydroponics, the bees and Climate Change. 
University Research Volunteers from different geographical regions around the world are invited to assess the impact of Swift Grow on these
research topics:
1. Soil microbiome and structure,
2. All plant metabolic processes,
3. Human good gut bacteria impact,
4. Crop yield and quality at different stages of growth,
5. Hydroponics and vertically farmed plant metabolic processes,
6. Bee health and immunity,
7. Atmospheric Carbon sequestration rate,

Register with us your university Swift Grow research project and selected topics,
Purchase our Swift Grow research samples under your university research project funding,
Shipment costs to Australian universities will be free,
Conduct your university Swift Grow experiment,
Send us your results for consolidation and publication on this site. 


Swift Grow is a unique organic microorganism fertiliser (produced naturally by the fish gut metabolic process) restores the microbiome of any soil and regenerates a healthy soil and regolith biological structure. As the soil microbiome is the biogeochemical engine of our planet, containing diverse communities of microorganisms that perform vast number of functions, it isn’t just important for plants, it is key to a sustainable agriculture and critical for the environment and climate change. Restoring a damaged or depleted soil microbiome from the chronic use of pesticides and chemical fertiliser toxins, enables it to resume its natural role in maintaining balance and equilibrium in nature.

Dramatic early scientific and a large body of consistent pattern of anecdotal evidence has emerged of its ability to accelerate growth rates, significantly increase plant biomass, increase moisture retention, increase crop yield, enhance appearances, flavours, colours, scent and size of fruits and vegetables. These early indicators are not on just one tree, shrub, grass or horticultural plant or produce, but is consistently the same observation from many. Not on one soil type or in one geographical zone, but consistently from all the trial regions. The flowers of Swift Grow fertilised plants stay in bloom longer and noticeably attract bees and insects, are coming consistently from a large body of anecdotal evidence ranging from gardeners, nurseries and farmers from all around Australia. Rose plant enthusiasts are reporting more luminescent colours and a restored intense scent to their roses. Observations suggest Swift Grow can restore the plant’s natural defences to repel natural pests and diseases. Hydroponics and vertical farmers have reported staggering benefits to green leaf plant size, taste and shelf life. The restored soil microbiome and the observed increase in plant biomass indicates that harmful atmospheric carbon would be sequestered and stored into beneficial soil carbon at a significantly higher rate than untreated soil, which could be a life-saver to reversing Climate Change at a much faster rate.

These dramatically beneficial attributes of Swift Grow disruptively modify the conventionally accepted appearance or seasonality of plants which justifies a prompt global initiative to scientifically document as many plant processes as possible, as many plant species as possible and as many macro or micro environments as possible, artificial or natural.

We invite the entire global plant science community, public or private, to join us in scientifically quantifying one or many of these research topics. A significantly sized research sample, 250ml, exactly the same as the commercial material for use in whatever way a scientist would want. The only request is that the results, of your own choice, be shared with Swift Grow and nominated to be confidential or able to be shared publicly. All trials should be scientifically documented and that they be quantitative and comply with standard scientific protocols, including statistical analysis.

No research result will be too small. No research will be too big. The research can be in a lab or field, intensive or extensive, cellular, plant part or process, whole plant or whole paddock. Results on different soils varying from regolith to sandy to organic. Water can be salty, recycled or fresh. Plants can be
native, hobby, heirloom, or commercial. Indeed, some Swift Grow research should be in conjunction with plant breeding trials as currently ‘the best’ may not be THE best. It can be to examine any form of commensalism or interaction between a host plant and beneficial, parasitic, synergistic or mutualistic relationships.

Please forward this information to other researchers in your network around the world, if possible.

Australia based researchers and Overseas researchers can purchase the sample by emailing us.

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