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Swift Grow is uniquely rich in live active bacteria as that is found in fertile soil, restoring the full soil biota within a year by repeat applications. 

Derived from Barramundi fish which we sustainably farmed in Sydney Australia, in a pristine environment that mimics nature.

River Stone Fish Farm and Laboratory produces all-Australian disruptive natural technology in the fields of agriculture and hygiene, all derived from Barramundi fish which are sustainably farmed in a pristine environment that mimics nature. We are a preferred supplier to four Australian state governments. 

Our Australian certified organic liquid plant fertiliser, ‘Swift Grow’, is derived from fish manure that won the 2020 Parramatta city council Excellence In technology award – ticking all the economic and environmental boxes and proven by various industry trials and thousands of Australian customers. Swift Grow is sold throughout Australia and is exported to the UAE, EU, and the UK with support from NSW Primary Industry and AusTrade.

Swift Grow restores infertile farmland back to optimal productivity state by restoring the depleted soil bacteria back to optimal health. Swift Grow is uniquely rich in live active bacteria as that is found in fertile soil, restoring the full soil biota within a year by repeat applications. 

Swift Grow in a nutshell …

Swift Grow restores the natural biological activity of any soil to peak capacity. The disruptive benefits of using Swift Grow are multifaceted: Improving the structure of the soil, increase water holding and nutrients capacity, increases plant biomass, rapid atmospheric carbon absorption into soil carbon, increase crop yield, restore good gut bacteria, restored natural colour, taste and aroma of all food types.

Withholding period: There is no withholding period for Swift Grow or Swift Fort or Swift Life; you can spray on pasture while livestock are grazing, and you can apply directly on fruit and vegetables … of course you should always wash with running clean water before eating.

What’s in it for … the Farmer?

 For the farmer the benefits include sustainably restored soil, increases food production with the same land size with significantly reduced production costs. Farm land that had been economically abandoned due to locked soil can be restored into fertile life within several applications of Swift Grow. Being about half the cost pf chemical fertilisers per hectare, Swift Grow also increases soil water retention.

The Consumer?

For the consumers increased food nutrition at a reduced cost without pesticide residue. Restored natural colour, taste and aroma that had been lost. Roses will be more luminescent and have restored smell, lawns darker green colour and more lush and dense, fruit and vegetables bursting with taste and aroma.

The Environment?

The waterways and oceans benefit from the removal of excess synthetic Nitrates, Phosphates and Potassium salts. The biggest benefit is being an economical and scalable solution to reverse Climate Change. River Stone other agriculture technology breakthrough is Swift Fort organic liquid plant pest control that is safe for people, pets, wildlife and the environment. Swift Life is a third disruptive product that rapidly neutralises the toxic effects of heavy metals, petrochemical spills and glyphosate-based pesticide sprays on humans and the waterways.

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