Swift Plug’n’Spray Hose End Sprayer 1L Bottle (The Bottle is Shipped Empty) – Fertilise your Whole Lawn or Garden in Minutes.

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This sprayer bottle is shipped empty. Intended for spraying the Swift product range much easier and faster on areas more than 10sqm.

Hose-end 1 litre sprayer empty bottle that will make it easy to spray the Swift range of products on an average size lawn or garden within minutes.

The easy way to applying the Swift Grow fertiliser, Swift Fort fortifier or Swift Life inoculant to large areas up to 500 sqm.

Ensure soil is moist before application and for 3 days after application to allow the microorganisms to navigate down into the soil where they would establish their colonies that bring back life to your plants. Best to apply after rain or just before rain.
Shown hose-end and accessories are for illustration purpose only and not included in the purchase.
After each application observe the visual characteristics of your plants (such as greener colour, new shoots) to determine when to apply again.
Each soil profile is unique, but typically 1 to 3 weeks between applications during the growing/warmer season to allow the microorganism established in your soil. Swift Grow live microorganisms will take longer to establish in soils having synthetic chemicals and pesticides, but will do so after repeat applications.


  1. Remove the green cap off Plug’n’Spray Bottle.
  2. Add 200ml Swift Grow.
  3. If using Swift Fort, add 40ml Swift Fort to fortify against pests.
  4. If using Swift Life, add 40ml Swift Life to neutralise soil toxins.
  5. Top up the Plug’n’Spray bottle with water.
  6. Screw back on the green cap.
  7. Unplug the air inlet pins (by lifting to the side).
  8. Plug in the Plug’n’Spray bottle into your hose and turn on the tap.
  9. Move the outlet aperture up or down to control the bottle content outflow rate.
  10. Spray evenly on the designated area covering up to 500 sqm.


  • The Plu’n’Spray bottle is shipped empty (for you to fill up with Swift product content at your site).
  • All three products (Swift Grow, Swift Fort and Swift Life) are designed be combined and work together.
  • You can adjust the outlet spray pressure and angle by lifting the outlet tab up or down.
  • If the area being sprayed with Swift Grow for the first time is struggling or has clay soil or has a history of toxins, then for the first 4 applications you may want to use 40ml of Swift Life as well as double the amount of Swift Grow and Swift Fort so the friendly microorganism count is increased to help rapidly restore your soil back to better health.