Swift Grow has been certified by the NSW Department of Primary Industry as:

contains microbial components that play a dual role of promoting healthy soil, and those same components also bio-suppress and helps control harmful micro-organisms/pathogens in soils. That dual role makes Swift Grow safe to use in soils in NSW and elsewhere.”

Swift Grow is 42% by volume composed of Lactobacillus friendly bacteria culture, thus inhibiting any pathogenic bacteria from co-existing in Swift Grow solution.

Australian Certified Organic

Input Compliant with USA (NOP), Canadian (COR), European (EU)
and Japanese (JAS) Organic


UAE International Centre Biosaline Reference Letter

Swift GROW Lab Analysis Report

Swift GROW TCLP Heavy Metals Lab Test Report
Test Method EPA SW 846 1311 – Washington USA April 2024

Swift GROW/ Swift FORT/ Swift LIFE Total Metals Lab Report
Test Method EPA 6010D/7471B – Washington USA Oct 2023

Swift GROW Heavy Metals Lab Test Report
Test Method MET27/04e – ACO Qld Aus Oct 2023

Swift GROW Safety Data Sheet

Swift FORT Lab Analysis Report

Swift FORT Safety Data Sheet

Swift LIFE Lab Analysis Report

Swift LIFE Safety Data Sheet

Australian Made

Swift Grow is made in Richmond, NSW Australia.
From the recyclable plastic bottles it is transported in, to the caps, labels, brochures, website, videos and radio advertising are all manufactured in Australia, creating jobs for Australians.

We deliver all over Australia. We export Internationally.

Family Owned & Operated

Swift Grow was started by Joseph Ayoub and run by him and his family.
We employ Sydney staff and are proud to be a local employer.