No Withholding Period

Safe for Your Land
Safe for Your Animals

Looking for a way to care for your land,
plants and animals all in one go?
You’ve come to the right place!

Our range of Swift Grow products are
not just efficient and effective;
they’re 100% safe for all animals.

Why Choose Swift Grow Products
for use around your Animals?

No Withholding Period
Immediate Safety

No need to worry about keeping your pets or livestock away from treated areas. As soon as you apply any of our Swift Grow products, the area is safe for animals to roam and graze.

Non-Toxic Formula

Our products are made with natural, eco-friendly ingredients. They pose no health risks to dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, horses, chickens — you name it!

Effective & Reliable

While being safe for animals, our Swift Grow products don’t compromise on quality. They’re scientifically proven to be highly effective for various applications.

No Wait Time = Happy Time!

That’s right! With Swift Grow, you don’t have to stress about wait times or restricted areas. You can apply our solution to your garden, farm, or pasture and let your animals back into the area immediately. No worries, no stress, just results!

How It Works

  1. Apply the Product: Simply follow the directions on the packaging.
  2. Let Animals Roam: Right after application, your land or plants are ready to be enjoyed by pets or livestock.
  3. Relax and Enjoy: With peace of mind, focus on the things you love!

Your Animals Will Thank You!

Our Swift Grow range is perfect for Aussie pet owners, farmers, and anyone who cares about animal safety and wellbeing. When it comes to reliability and safety, make the smart choice for you and your animals with Swift Grow.

Ready to make the switch to animal-safe, high-quality care for your land and plants?

Farmers and racing horse owners

Looking for a solution that’s quick, effective, and doesn’t keep your animals penned up? Our Swift Grow range is specially designed to meet your unique needs.

Apply our products to your fields, or around your stables or chicken coops, and you can rest assured knowing there’s no witholding period.

That’s right, your sheep, horses, and chickens or other farm animals can immediately return to their normal activities, whether it’s grazing, training, or simply enjoying the sun. With Swift Grow, you’re choosing immediate safety and effectiveness for all your livestock and bloodstock needs.

Trust our Swift Grow products for a seamless, worry-free solution that keeps your operations running smoothly while ensuring the well-being of your livestock and prized horses.

Choose Swift Grow and make your home a safer place for all your animal friends

When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of not just your pets but all creatures in your garden, our Swift Grow products stand out with a big advantage — no withhold time required!

You heard right; the moment you apply any of our Swift Grow solutions, your land and plants become a safe haven for all animals. Your dogs and cats can explore freely, while your garden continues to be a sanctuary for frogs, birds, and other local wildlife.

Our organic and non-toxic formula ensures that you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects as there are none, giving you immediate peace of mind.