Drought & Water Security

El Niño Impacts on Australia

El Niño typically leads to drier and warmer conditions in Australia, resulting in reduced rainfall, increased risk of bushfires, and challenges to agriculture and water security.

Whether you are watering your garden plants or running a farm, the effects of El Niño will be felt across Australia.

Swift Grow will help reduce the water requirements of plants!

Read the scientific research and case study reports

The El Niño weather is already impacting Australia’s
climate, agriculture and water resources.


  • Reduced Rainfall:
    El Niño is often associated with drier conditions in eastern and southern Australia, leading to below-average rainfall.
  • Warmer Temperatures:
    The phenomenon can bring warmer temperatures across the country, increasing the likelihood of heatwaves.


  • Drought Conditions:
    Reduced rainfall is detrimental to agricultural productivity, impacting crops and livestock.
  • Bushfires:
    The dry conditions and high temperatures elevate the risk of bushfires, which can devastate agricultural land.

Water Resources

  • Lower Reservoir Levels:
    Drier conditions can lead to lower water levels in reservoirs and dams, affecting urban water supplies.
  • Water Quality:
    Lower water levels can impact water quality, posing a risk to aquatic ecosystems and potentially affecting drinking water supplies.

Swift Grow is a soil improver which reduces need for watering as well as enabling better plant drought resilience. The Power of Nature!!!

The microorganisms in Swift Grow products retain soil moisture, allowing gardeners and farmers to make the most of their water availability and water usage.

Is there a way to help to reduce the water requirements of plants while making them stronger and more resilient to extreme conditions?

YES! By using Swift Grow

Read our Scientific Research and Case Study Reports below…

Scientific Research:
Swift Grow grows plants in the desert

A scientific study conducted in the desert of UAE, showed that Swift Grow was able to achieve:

20% yield increase

14 – 20% higher soil moisture
(in the sand/compost substrate)

The science behind the microorganisms ability to retain soil moisture, is their ability to store water in their body sacks called ‘polymers’. These can hold up to 1/3 of their body weight in water which they release back to the plants roots during a drought to help plants to become drought resilient.

Read the explanation of how that was measured on page 17 – 20 of the downloadable PDF. This is the full scientific evidence from a Dubai trial we conducted in 2021.

If we can grow cucumbers in the desert, imagine what Swift Grow can achieve on your garden or farm.

Helping Australian plants and soil during El Niño in 2024


Swift Grow enabled a golf course to reduced water usage on tees by 40% – with no ill effects to turf health.

Drought is one of the most significant and immediate impacts of the El Niño phenomenon on Australia. Reduced rainfall levels contribute to soil moisture deficits, lower river flows, and shrinking water reservoirs.

The arid conditions can severely affect agriculture, reducing crop yields and causing pasture degradation, which in turn affects livestock. The scarcity of water resources places a strain on the rural economy, as farmers may need to purchase feed and water for animals, or even make the difficult decision to sell or cull livestock.

Water Scarcity & Water Security

The use of Swift Grow on this golf course actually saw improvement in their surfaces despite no rainfall for nearly 6 months and reducing water usage by nearly half.

Read Report: Water Usage

Water scarcity during El Niño events becomes a pressing issue, affecting both urban and rural regions. Lower rainfall and river flows result in reduced water levels in dams and reservoirs, impacting not only agricultural irrigation but also domestic water supplies.

The issue of water security extends beyond just availability. As the demand for water increases due to rising temperatures, and as the supply dwindles due to reduced rainfall, the cost of water can increase significantly.

Let Swift Grow support and protect your plants and soil during these difficult climate events.

Swift Grow restores the natural biological activity of any soil to peak capacity.

The disruptive benefits of using Swift Grow are multifaceted:

  • improve the structure of the soil
  • increase water holding and nutrients capacity
  • increase plant biomass
  • rapid atmospheric carbon absorption into soil carbon
  • increase crop yield
  • restore good gut bacteria
  • restore natural colour, taste and aroma of all food types