1 Litre Swift Grow – Our Hero Certified Organic Fertiliser

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Swift Grow is a scientifically proven organic fertiliser that regenerates the soil by replacing all the nutrients back into our soil that has been lost from overuse of chemical fertilisers and over-farming. With our 20 years of Research and Development, our fertiliser has been formulated to restore the fertility of today’s soil and produce fast-growing, healthy lawns and plants 

Swift Grow is a “living fertiliser” which produces super-rich, fertile soil which produces foods rich in the same gut bacteria that our bodies need. Do you remember when fruit and vegetables tasted real, not like they do today, they lack in taste and flavour? It is due to the quality of our soil; poor quality soil produces poor quality vegetables.

  • It’s an organic, odourless, liquid fertilizer that is safe to use around pets and kids.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It’s an all-purpose fertilizer that can be used on both outdoor and indoor house plants, vegetable gardens, nurseries or for commercial growing.


Swift Grow restores the natural bio-engine of any soil and so is suitable for all plants under heaven. Swift Grow can restore barren/locked/depleted soil (that contributes to global warming) back to optimal health, and in so doing help to reverse global warming. The primary benefit of Swift Grow is restoring the soil friendly microorganisms (includes active lactobacillus, fungi, yeasts and other friendly photosynthetic bacteria) that have been scientifically ascertained to be caused by soil microbial depletion which causes topsoil erosion that contributes to global warming. Swift Grow restores natural vibrant life to pot plants, gardens or farms.

Directions of Use:

  • Shake bottle, open cap and add a minimum of 1 capful to a 9 litre water can.
  • Top up the same 9 litre watering can with water and apply directly to plant foliage and/or roots.
  • If your skin comes in contact with the bottled Swift Grow concentrate, immediately wash off with running water.

Watch a 1 min How To Use Swift Grow Video in a Watering Can

Additional Information:

  • 9 litres final solution covers up to 10 square meters.
  • For other watering volumes see the Swift Grow guide.
  • Maintain the same ratio for any water container volume you choose to use.
  • Diluting Swift Grow in water activates the microorganisms, so apply without delay.
  • Recommended dosage range: Minimum of 1 capful, up to a maximum of 5 capfuls per 9 litres watering can. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage.
  • Choose a dosage that matches the unique need of your soil. If unsure, choose the minimum 1 capful, apply and observe (because your plants do ‘talk back’ to you by the visual response they display within 7 days, such as greener colour, new growth) and accordingly decide to increase, maintain or reduce the next application dosage.
  • Minimum dosage is for fairly healthy soil that needs a boost to maintain a healthy soil microbial count amidst the general soil toxins.
  • Maximum dosage is for soil that is heavily depleted of microbial activity and needs several consecutive applications till the microbes get re-established in that soil.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment within the dosage range, as Swift Grow will not burn the foliage or roots.
  • Ensure the soil is moist by applying the fertiliser after a rain or after a hosing so the microorganisms can navigate their way through the soil to where they live – ranging from 5cm to 15cm below the surface.
  • Typically 20% of the nutrients are absorbed via the foliar and the balance via the plant roots.
  • Suitable for native or exotic plants, flowering or non-flowering.
  • Suitable for watering can, garden hose-end sprayer, farm boom sprayer or irrigation system.
  • Suitable for any and all plant types under heaven (natives, exotic, perennials, citrus, grain, lawn, succulents, flowering, non-flowering etc)
  • Suitable for indoor pot plants, garden plants and broad acres plots.
  • Suitable for soil based and hydroponic based plants.
  • Swift Grow is environmentally friendly, being safe for humans, pets, farm animals, wildlife and waterways, with no with-holding period required after application.
  • Swift Grow has minimum 4 (four) years shelf life from the date of purchase when stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight.
  • For more user details see the fertiliser Guide and frequently asked questions.

Natural Intelligence

  • As in nature, Swift Grow dynamically restores natural microbial activity, the natural bio-engine of any naturally fertile soil, so any plant life in that soil thrives.
  • As in nature, the microorganisms in Swift Grow have the natural intelligent ability to sense and identify what nutrient deficiency is stressing the host plants, then have the innate ability to produce and offer that nutrient in a fully bio-absorbable state. For example if nitrate is deficient, then the microorganisms pull nitrogen from the air and convert it to fully bio-absorbable nitrate, with no wastage.
  • As in nature, Swift Grow restores the natural symbiotic relationship that exists between the friendly microorganisms and the plants – the microorganisms produce nutrients to feed the plants’ roots and the plant roots produce sugars that feed the microorganisms.

Natural Defence

  • As in a naturally fertile soil, the friendly microorganisms both feed as well as protect the soil and the host plants from pathogens (unfriendly microorganisms).
  • Swift Grow has been certified by the NSW Department of Primary Industry as: “contains microbial components that play a dual role of promoting healthy soil, and those same components also bio-suppress and helps control harmful micro-organisms/pathogens in soils. That dual role makes Swift Grow safe to use in soils in NSW and elsewhere.
  • With repeat applications the natural probiotics in Swift Grow promotes the natural immunity mechanism of plants. For example, bark fungus (sooty canker a tree bark disease) will start to dry up and flake off the bark leaving a clean and healthy looking bark.

Natural Colour/Taste/Smell/Size

  • The natural probiotics in Swift Grow restores the plant’s promotes the natural colour, taste, smell and size of flowers, fruit and vegetables.
  • The colours would be deeper, more luminescent and intense. Example, red roses become deeper and intense red. Green leaves become deeper and intense green.
  • The taste more flavoursome. Example, tomatoes become an explosion of natural taste sensation.
  • The smell more potent that emanates and lingers. Example, cucumber scent lofts through the whole surrounding.
  • The size of fruit and vegetable picks are larger. Example, lettuce, potatoes, apples, figs, olives become larger size and weight per pick.
  • The probiotics in Swift Grow promotes human gut-friendly bacteria and green leaf vegetables are verified to having higher chlorophyll content.