Swift Fort – Stimulates Plants to Repel Pests & Feeds the Soil Microbes


Swift Fort is an organic product that compliments our hero fertiliser “Swift Grow“.
Swift Fort enhances your soil structure and naturally fortifies your plants against pests. Safe for humans, pets and waterways, with zero withholding period.
Apply Swift Fort to plant foliage on its own or together with Swift Grow, to fortify your plants against pests.
Swift Fort attracts and feeds bees, but repels pests such as aphids, leaf miners, red mites, scales, fungus, snails, slugs, army worms and many others.
Swift Fort promotes plant growth, feeds the good soil bacteria and increases the organic matter in your soil.
NOTE: Selection available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L. Farmers who need a larger volume, please email us your request.



Swift Fort is an organic product that compliments our hero certified organic fertiliser “Swift Grow“.
Swift Fort:

  1. Attracts and feeds bees, but organically repels pests such as Flat Mites, Spider Mites, Aphids, Leaf Miners, Leaf Beetles, Scales, Bugs, Slugs, Snails and many others.
  2. Stimulates the plants’ natural immunity to pests by feeding the good soil bacteria and increasing the organic matter in your soil.
  3. Enhances your soil structure and fortifies your plants to pests.
  4. Safe for humans, pets and the waterways. Wash off any spills with running water.
  5. The natural ingredients makes it safe for live stock with zero withholding period.
  6. Can be mixed in the same container and applied at the same time as Swift Grow.

Swift Grow restores the natural bio-engine of any soil and so is suitable for all plants under heaven. Swift Grow can restore barren/locked/depleted soil (that contributes to global warming) back to optimal health, and in so doing help to reverse global warming. The primary benefit of Swift Grow is restoring the natural soil micro-organisms (active lactobacillus, fungi, yeasts, and other photosynthetic bacteria) has been scientifically ascertained to be caused by soil microbial depletion which causes to topsoil erosion that contributes to global warming.

Swift Fort with Swift Grow Directions of Use – To fortify against soil-based pests:

  • Apply minimum 1 capful of Swift Grow (red cap) to 9 litres watering can.
  • Add minimum 1 capful of Swift Fort (black cap) to the same watering can.
  • Fill up the watering can with water, and apply to plants at the foliar and/or roots.
  • For other watering volumes see the Swift Grow guide.

Swift Fort Alone Directions of Use – To fortify against foliage-based pests:

  • In a new or cleaned/re-purposed 750ml pump spray bottle, remove the spray top.
  • Add 5 capfuls of Swift Fort to the pump spray bottle and top up with clean water.
  • Replace the pump bottle spray top and shake vigorously.
  • Aim the spray nozzle at the pests on the plant foliage and spray several times till the pests are saturated.
  • Repeat spray daily till pests are repelled away or fall off.
  • NOTE: Some pests will react within minutes and fall off, others jump off the foliage and not return, or other voluminous pest numbers such as aphids persist for days wherein their numbers progressively reduce.

Usage Notes:

  • 1 Litre of Swift Grow dilutes up to 500 Litres.
  • Apply Swift Fort when applying Swift Grow or separately.
  • 9 litres final solution covers up to 10 square meters.
  • Applying water activate Swift Grow microorganism from their suspended state, so apply without delay.
  • Swift Grow dosage range: Minimum of 1 capful, up to a maximum of 5 capfuls per 9 litres watering can.
  • Choose a dosage that matches the unique need of your soil. If unsure, choose the minimum 1 capful, apply and observe (because your plants do ‘talk back’ to you by the visual response they display within 7 days, such as greener colour, new growth) and accordingly decide to increase, maintain or reduce the next application dosage.
  • Minimum dosage is for fairly healthy soil that needs a boost to maintain a healthy soil microbial count amidst the general soil toxins.
  • Maximum dosage is for soil that is heavily depleted of microbial activity and needs several consecutive applications till the microbes get re-established in that soil.
  • You can convert to other application volumes by maintaining the same Swift Grow fertiliser to water ratio.
  • Ensure the soil is moist by applying the fertiliser after a rain or after a hosing so the microorganisms can navigate their way through the soil to where they live – ranging from 5cm to 15cm below the surface.
  • Typically 20% of the nutrients are absorbed via the foliar and the balance via the plant roots.
  • Suitable for all types of lawns, all types of plants and all types of trees under heaven.
  • Suitable for ALL PLANT SPECIES AND VARIETIES including native or exotic plants, flowering or non-flowering.

Natural Intelligence:

  • As in nature, Swift Grow dynamically restores natural microbial activity, the natural bio-engine of any naturally fertile soil, so any plant life in that soil thrives.
  • As in nature, the microorganisms in Swift Grow have the natural intelligent ability to sense and identify what nutrient deficiency is stressing the host plants, then have the innate ability to produce and offer that nutrient in a fully bio-absorbable state. For example if nitrate is deficient, then the microorganisms pull nitrogen from the air and convert it to fully bio-absorbable nitrate, with no wastage.
  • As in nature, Swift Grow restores the natural symbiotic relationship that exists between the friendly microorganisms and the plants – the microorganisms produce nutrients to feed the plants’ roots and the plant roots produce sugars that feed the microorganisms.

Natural Defence:

  • As in a naturally fertile soil, the friendly microorganisms both feed as well as protect the soil and the host plants from pathogens (unfriendly microorganisms).
  • Swift Grow has been certified by the NSW Department of Primary Industry as: “contains microbial components that play a dual role of promoting healthy soil, and those same components also bio-suppress and helps control harmful micro-organisms/pathogens in soils. That dual role makes Swift Grow safe to use in soils in NSW and elsewhere.
  • With repeat applications the natural probiotics in Swift Grow promotes the natural immunity mechanism of plants. For example, bark fungus (sooty canker a tree bark disease) will start to dry up and flake off the bark leaving a clean and healthy looking bark.

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250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre