SWIFT LIFE – Soil Inoculant


Neutralise glyphosate and heavy metals!
Experience the powerful cleanup of nature!
Invite our organic SWIFT LIFE over to save your dying plants.

Scientifically proven to help bio-remediate your farm and garden soil back to a fertile state … and is children, pet and wildlife friendly.

Suitable for all soil types and all plant types under heaven.

125ml Swift Life + Free Delivery $69.95

Available with any other purchase.
Highly concentrated covering 1200 sqm with one application.



Swift LIFE creates a faviurable soil biology to resurrect a toxic/dead soil back to life!

If your soil is poisoned with glyphosate, contaminated with radioactive material, polluted with heavy metals such as mercury/ lead, poisoned with petrol/diesel or has other soil toxins, or clay-heavy so nothing much grows in it … then you need Swift Life!!

Swift Life is an organic soil inoculant. Swift Life providing a boost to your depleted soil microbiome to create a favourable environment for the propagation of beneficial bacteria that naturally bioremdiates your soil and increases plant root nutrient availability by combining amino acids readily available for plant uptake, reduces stress in plants, promotes root growth and enhances plants resistance to diseases and pests.
Swift Life neutralises the toxins that inhibit a vibrant soil biology to enable maximum soil fertility.
Swift Grow swiftly restores the soil friendly microorganisms (including active lactobacillus, fungi, yeasts and other friendly photosynthetic bacteria) that include the natural bio-engine of the any naturally fertile soil.
Swift Fort feeds the soil microbiome and helps to promote a favourable environment that restores the plant’s natural immunity to pests
In combination Swift Life and Swift Grow can create a favourable soil biology to restore barren/locked/depleted/dead soil (that contributes to greenhouse emissions) back to fertile health, and in so doing you help to reverse climate change in the soil under your feet.
Together Swift Life and Swift Grow restore toxic soil to abundant life so that your once abandoned pot plants, gardens or farms roar back with plant life. Don’t take our word for it … read our 5.0 star consistent customer reviews.
Swift Life works in conjunction with Swift Grow and Swift Fort. All three can be applied together at the same time to optimise plant resilience and crop yield.

The SOILUTION REVOLUTION® is emerging with Swift Life, Swift Grow and Swift Fort !!

Directions of Use for 10 sqm:

  1. Shake all bottles before mixing.
  2. From the Swift Life bottle add 10ml to an empty 9 litre water can.
  3. From the Swift Grow bottle add minimum of 40ml (slightly depleted soil) to a maximum of 100ml (heavily depleted soil) of Swift Grow to the same empty 9 litre water can.
  4. From the Swift Fort bottle add 20ml to the same empty 9 litre water can If pests are around, otherwise skip this step.
  5. Top up the same 9 litre watering can with water and apply directly and evenly to the toxic soil covering 10 sqm.
  6. Repeat the application weekly for 4 consecutive weeks or till you start to observe emerging plant life, then reduce frequency to match the grow you desire.

1. If your skin comes in contact with the bottled Swift Life, Swift Grow or Swift Fort concentrate, immediately wash off with running water.
2. 125 ml Swift Life is super concentrated with natural friendly soil restoring goodness, it covers 1200 sqm with one application.
3. For larger areas, use a boom spray or irrigation systems.
3. Swift Life, Swift Grow and Swift Fort are available in larger volumes for larger areas. Please contact us here.

Natural Bioremediation

  • Swift Life dynamically neutralises all soil toxins so natural microbial activity can live in the soil again, so any plant life in that soil has the ability to thrive..
  • The microorganisms in Swift Life have the natural intelligent ability bioremediate your soil by breaking down the molecular structure of toxins and thus neutralise their toxicity and converts them to bio-friendly food source for the soil micro-organisms.
  • As in nature, Swift Grow then restores the microorganisms that establish a natural symbiotic relationship between the friendly microorganisms and the plants – the microorganisms produce nutrients to feed the plants’ roots and the plant roots produce sugars that feed the microorganisms to sustain the soil microbiome and the plants that grow in that soil.

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